Our Team


                                     Bitsiht Tsegaye


Bitsiht Tsegaye is the Co-founder & Chairperson of Turning Point Africa. She is an online think tank leadership graduate of Atlas Leadership Academy and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Addis Ababa University. She served as a science teacher from 2009 to 2014 and then after she works as a School Principal.

                                    Kidus Mehalu


Kidus Mehalu is the Co-founder & Executive Director of Turning Point Africa. Kidus obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) degree from Curtin University, received his graduate diploma  at the Universty of Bologna.  He is also a Director for AU Affairs, Regional Economic Communities,NEPAD & UN Agencies at the African Youth Commission .



Yanet is a program Assistant of Turning Point Africa. She maintains & updates our website & social media outlets. She graduated in Bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from Adama University. She also holds a degree in Management from Rift Valley University.


Mr. Daniel Moges is a Radio Host and Podcaster for Turning Point Africa.He holds a Bachelor degree in Journalism from Awasa University.

Mr.Biruk Gashaw is a Legal Advisor of Turning Point Africa. He graduated a LLB degree in Law from New Generation University.